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Exclamation 41 new remixed tracks on 3 full albums!!! Beastie Projects

Greetings all. Iíve been a Beastie Boy fan ever since stealing my sisters cassette tape of Licence to ill. Thatís right I said cassette tape, for all of you that donít know, there was music before CDís. As many of you do I own every studio album the Bboys have released. I also pride myself in hunting for all bboy remixes (Get it together - Buck wild remix, so whatcha want - soul assassins mix, intergalactic - Fuzzy logic and prisoner of technology remixes, Sure shot - Nardone, Large professor, and European b-boys remixes and remixed albums (New York State of Mind - Dj Green Lantern . Double Check your Head - Max Tannone, Still Ill - Dr. Numbers, even the hip hop sampler promotional disk. The list goes on and on. I have more remixed Beastie boy songs that album versions Iíll put it like that. I have found 41 remixed Beastie Boy songs on three full albums. Dj Cassidy has put out a series of albums titled The Beastie Projects. The Beastie Projects have quickly moved there way to the top of my Beastie playlist, and far surpassed even the remixes released by the Beastie Boys themselves. In a time when I should have a new Beastie Boy album in my hands, these tracks have quenched my Beastie thirst. Here are links to some simple videos on youtube if you donít believe me. Just remember itís not the video that matters itís the bangers underneath. So here are 5 of the 41 Beastie Project tracks and 1 unreleased Dj Cassidy remix. And stay tuned, more to follow.

Super Disco Breakiní
Open Letter to NYC
Just a Test
Unite Big Bang mix (unreleased)
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