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Default Re: New Sabotage Vinyl Bootleg

Originally Posted by bigfatlove06 View Post
Not bootlegging. Monetizing what was originally intended to support/drive traffic to brick and mortar sellers by encouraging people to sit on their ass and order them instead. It honestly makes me want to vomit.
Yeah, I've always disliked the flagrant flipping that goes on in the record world. I was just wondering how they're selling them right now if the record isn't even available, unless they'll send them later and are just not disclosing that.

This whole release is fine and good, but I kind of have issues with it on both sides. First off, for a "global" event (RSD), 2500 copies is nowhere near enough. This is just begging for people to buy as many as they can and sell them for a shit load. But the release itself seems to miss the point a bit. Why release a weird format that you (supposedly) need a special mini turntable for? I get it - to make more money. But if the idea is to get people into indie record stores, why not make it more appealing to the average person?

I work with someone in his early 70s who was way into soul and funk and all that jazz (no quasi-pun intended) when he was younger. I mentioned in passing one day that I was going to the record store to pick up an album and he was genuinely surprised to know that when people said "record store" they literally meant stores with vinyl records in them. He assumed those were long gone by now. We went down and he found all these old records that he used to have but lost over the years and was so excited to know he could buy Ohio Players "Skin Tight" for $10.

In my mind, RSD is about getting people back to shopping for physical music in a physical store run by normal people. I'm making way too much out of this one release, but it just seems like we're edging toward a much more highly commercial, "branded" thing.
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