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Default Re: So.. who are you remixers anyway?

My name's Jai and I live in Amsterdam. Unlike most people here, my background isn't in DJing/remixing perse but in home recording. I started recording stuff on my mom's walkman when I was about 5. Eventually I picked up a guitar and pretty much taught myself how to play, but I would always be recording my endeavors at the same time. In my later teens I discovered music in a major way, and found myself gravitating espescially towards groups with intense and wholly original sounds: the Beasties obviously, but I was really way into everything from Public Enemy to Sonic Youth to early acid house to Lo Fi. Around the time CDR's came out, me and my friend were like "cool, now we can make our own CD" and we did, on a humble Tascam 4-track. Nowadays, I record using Sony Acid. I don't think I really have a method, other than first laying down the basic guitar and vocal tracks, and then just mangling the hell out of the sound, adding extra instruments and effects until I like it. I made an early Sonic Youth/NY hardcore inspired "remix" of 3 the hard way which can be found here:
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