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Default Re: tempos

Originally Posted by one33one
Ah, I have a copy of Fruityloops 3 Full Final (befroe FL studio). So I am not sure if that is where the difference is because it only shows whole BPM's. If there is a way to view the ".000" I can't seem to find it. Any suggestions? Where can I get a copy of FL Studio? Or is there another program that will do the same thing. I also have an old copy of Rebirth but it isn't as versatile and is only in whole BPM's as well.
Aaah, I see. I'm sure there's a way though. See what options you get when right clicking the tempo. Best thing to do is upgrade to FL Studio/Fruityloops 4... registered users get free upgrades for life... that's assuming you are a registered user.
Fruity 3 is a bit ancient now

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