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Default Re: So.. who are you remixers anyway?

Chromium05. Sagittarius. Born in Doncaster, Yorkshire, UK on 17th December 1974.

Got into hip hop around 1980, aged 6 when my step-father bought Rappers Delight. I knew all the lyrics to the 14 minute jam within a week. My dad continued to buy early hip hop ( Bambaataa, Flash / Melle Mel, Coldcrush, Funky 4, etc etc). In 1986 I bought my first album - "Licenced To Ill" by your hosts. Grabbed my attention due to the Run DMC type beats and playful lyrics. At this time, I also got into the whole graffiti scene and rolled with several crews over the next 15 or so years, including FMB - Fuckin' Mad Bastards, KMA - Kiss My Aerosol, UTS - UnTouchableS and BHD - BrotherHooD.

In 1990, I hooked up with a guy called Fez who was working as part of a crew called Tend 2 Offend (T2O) as producer and rapper. It was he that first lent me a crappy Amstrad 4 track (pictured below) and I got the bug for making music.

In 1994, I hooked up with a then 13 year old Jehst, and along with Lexis, ADee, AM, Taharka, Nmonic and HAL formed a crew called YNR - now considered to be the premier UK hip hop crew with Jehst the UK's number 1 MC.

In 1999 I got my first PC and managed to blag copies of Acid and Soundforge. Things moved quickly after that.

Have worked with quite a few people over the last few years, all in the UK - without naming names.

I use several different names depending on what style and mood takes me.

Came on here after getting a copy of the acapella for "Check It Out" and making a remix using only samples from the Beasties back catalog - which is the track I am posting, just because it was the first thing I ever posted here.

Czech It Out

Every one of the remixers on here would love to get to do something "official" with the B-Boys, myself included, but being a realist - I know it ain't gonna happen. I just hope that people who get to hear what I have done with the Beasties tracks enjoy hearing what I have done with them as much as I enjoy doing the stuff to them. That'll do for me.


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