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Yeah I was at this show too. I was also at the Sac and Tahoe shows (I was a PE fanatic).

Had no idea about the boys being at the LA show, or about this live version of what would eventually become Shake Your Rump. This is a rarely heard version for sure. It's things like this that kind of fill in the little timeline in my mind of their career. 1988 is still kind of mysterious, I just imagine them being in the studio the whole time basically.

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damn i was at the show the night before in the oakland coliseum. no beasties in oakland. this was a long time ago and i was only 15, but i remember how great this show was top to bottom. epmd opened, i had not heard them but i went out and got their cassette the next day, strickly business is still one of the best hip hop debuts ever. i think PE came on next...i think. i had YO and this was before Nation, just remember screaming yeeaaaa boooooy with my friend after cause that's all flavor did, PE always and forever top 5 hip hop group. jazzy jeff/fresh prince next...i think. i might have PE and them mixed up but it would make sense jazzy/prince went next since Parents was all over at this time. great live show, great scratches and mr. smith was always charismatic, not really my thing though. RUN DMC to awesome, them in their prime IMO. 4 albums worth of straight classics to play from. i knew every word to every song. setlist below...can't believe i got to see this live. straight bangers start to stop.

Run‐D.M.C. Setlist

Run's House

Rock Box

Beats to the Rhyme

Hit It Run

Raising Hell

Tougher Than Leather

You Talk Too Much

It's Tricky

It's Like That

You Be Illin'

I'm Not Going Out Like That

Peter Piper

My Adidas

Mary Mary

King of Rock

Walk This Way
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