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Originally Posted by Sir SkratchaLot View Post
I kind of liked eBay more when it was a true auction site. These days it's all "buy it now" at inflated asking prices.

I hear ya. Plus when the don't accept offers it just makes everything unnecessarily complicated. I've scored probably a half dozen items off Discogs and eBay from sellers who weren't accepting offers, but I just emailed them directly like "Hey I know you said no offers but how about $XX?" That's how I filled out my Love American Style colored reissues and no one turned down my offers as far as I can remember.

Anyway, thanks everyone for the low down on Sweet Lou's closet.

Side note: I'm still bummed about Ricky Powell, but I heard he was working with a person/some people to help him kind of get his shit together professionally. I hope someone is taking good care of his closet(s) and doesn't just sell all his stuff off for cash.
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