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Default Re: religion for dummies

my dad, rick or rector, appropriately named, has read the bible more than once and through his teaching i've picked up this and that along the way. still, the bible is freaking greek to me to be honest. i learn better through other ways. my dad should have his own am station. anyway, he's far from knowing everything and is definitely not perfect but he'll make ya think about things you've never thought about before like it's just inherent common sense. a lot of soldiers have keen religious beliefs. my dad retired a major, with two tours in vietnam flying helicopters and would've been colonel... if he stayed but retired at 20.. because he had enough of the killing and corruption. he's written pages and pages of intel to the government about strategy and so much in so many areas but so far it's fallen on def ears.. seemingly. actually in one instance he took his case to the supreme court but it died 5 to 4.. which would've been in his favor if one of the justices hadn't been blackmailed. i won't go into much here but it's a small world after all.

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