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Arrow Re: New Sabotage Vinyl Bootleg

Originally Posted by Micodin View Post
i dipped out of going to RSD. iíve probably missed out on some gems but iím not a crowds guy and since itís gotten popular thatís all it is nowadays. i have cherry picked some stuff off ebay here and there. the only beastie related RSD jawns iíve picked up is the white label guitar hero and the marjor lazer no shame remix. are there many others?
Just the Make Some Noise 7" and this upcoming 3" that I'm aware of. I wasn't even aware the Major Lazer thing was a RSD release. I think I bought mine from the label.

I'm pretty much with you on RSD. The ones I went to usually didn't have what I was looking for and the manufactured rarity thing is just annoying. The stuff I want usually ends up on eBay and discogs for inflated prices.
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