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Default Who am i?

Gov't: Myles D. Bacon
Handle: M. (pron: EM-daht)
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Origin: Springfield, Ohio (not home to the Simpsons...Springfield, NT, according to an episode that showed Homer's license)
Vehicle: Fruity Loops (v. 4 and 5..a little of 6)
Occupation: DJ/producer

Been looping for 4 years now...soul meets electronica meets hip hop. Hope you all enjoy my beats...tried to add elements of groove yet maintain the rugged/raw feel of the OG. Much love to all others out there grinding to make someone else feel how much they put into their music. Stick with it, and like Donnie Hathaway, "Someday we'll all be free." Add me if you have myspace (I've got a personal page link on my top 8...shouts out to team handball internationally).
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