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Default Re: So.. who are you remixers anyway?

Yea, i know i did this a while back.... shutup

Dj Name: nYgel
real name: nigel (get it?)
Location: Indiana
Age: 16
been mixing since 2004ish, I got into it from hearing the legends of remixing here (funky49, uru-nitro, taco zip). I quickly started talking to Uru-Nitro about how to make remixes and he hooked me up with alot and after a while i slowly began to get good, i had a host at...., but he sorta dissappeared and that was that.... so for a while i went hostless until Silence7 said i had some great remixes and stuff and i mentioned i have nowhere to host them and then he let me on what is now

I've been away from the beastie boys side of remixing for a half a year or so because i found this indie nerd rapper mc chris and i just sorta started stickin with his stuff cuz hes just that awesome. But now I'm back, i got third in the chicken rooster contest thing on and hope to do the same for the next one. so check me out....

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