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Default Re: When are the Beastie Boys coming to [insert city]?

OK, tpk, from what I gather from reading these posts, you're the person I need to talk to. This is my first post, but that doesn't matter. I've got a couple of things to add:
1/ the Beastie Boys have to come to Belgium
2/ they shouldn't come to Antwerp, because that city is virtually unreachable due to road works which will last another year or two, so forget about that. Also, the Sportpaleis which is the only possible venue for a Beasties gig in Antwerp sucks ass when it comes to sound
3/ other options are Vorst Nationaal in Brussels, where they played in 1999, or Flanders Expo in Ghent
4/ tell them to play b.e.a.s.t.i.e boys and egg raid on mojo. because they're cool songs.
Thanks for listening, and relaying the message. It's vital.