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Default Re: Gluten free for a year

Originally Posted by TurdBerglar View Post
I love chips. especially corn chips. I can plow through a hole bag in 5 minutes and not even notice how much I've eaten till I reach into the bag and it's empty.

if I could have an endless supply of a pocketful of anything it would be those chips. the fact that they are organic and gluten free is purely coincidental. I'm no food heath nut. blue corn chips covered in cayenne pepper. try them out. incredible.

I only get them when they are on sale as their like 5 bucks a bag.
Hmm, never saw those, I'll keep an eye out. I've been into lentil potato curls from trader joes lately, I think they're made especially for gluten free people, but my gluten-eater friend thought they ruled.

God bless corn chips. Sometimes I eat them for breakfast, with melted jalapeno yogurt cheese and a chopped up hard boiled egg. Brefass nachos!

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So wait, this guy is driving around in his jeep with his cat and his television in the back and he's got his favourite music blaring away and... I think I've missed the point.

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