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Default Re: New Sabotage Vinyl Bootleg

Originally Posted by Sir SkratchaLot View Post
That's basically right. These days online sellers have started to come into the mix but originally it was showing up at an independent record store and hoping you could snag a copy on "Record Store Day". That's how these two were released:

Now "Record Store Day" seems to happen every other month and there are tons of releases and many more copies being sold online.

The two I listed above were apparently much more limited (1000 copies and 500 copies respectively) so hopefully they'll be plenty of the 3" Sabotage to go around.
That RSD release that's just two remixes from HSCP2.... it just seems so lazy. No art, no cool packaging, not even vinyl labels that look remotely like a legit record. Did the band sign off on this? I have the Make Some Noise RSD 7", and at least that comes in a semi-classy Parlophone sleeve with a real vinyl label.
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