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Thumbs down I wish we could still use this forum to ask for advice

I got my dream job almost exactly a year ago. And itís become a nightmare. I was really proud and on my way to financial security, but I may have to quit for my mental health. The technical, intellectual, and physical aspects are challenging and I am performing at a high level...but a lot of people donít like my personality because I donít talk enough, Iím not outgoing, but Iíve offended people by asserting my opinion on how standards should be raised. I hired 3 people in the last year and they are high performers and nice people who respect me. Many people outside my department who have the ear of the ceo are talking shit about me and are trying to gaslight me into thinking I suck and itís kinda ruining my life. I donít really know what to do about it. I have such bad social anxiety, I try to talk and stick up for myself and end up having a mini panic attack and crying. Which is interpreted as me not having my shit together.

Also, someone was shot behind my house the other day by a group of teens who got away, then a day later I was driving home from work rounded a corner and heard gunshots. I missed being in the middle of a gun fight by about 2 minutes. I was more calm and measured during all that than at work when I got an email from someone that questioned how I was spending my time.

Anyway thanks for listening old message board. Iíll be 40 in July, fuck.

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