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Default Re: I wish we could still use this forum to ask for advice

Haha, how frivolous all that drama last year feels now that we live in a dystopian nightmare!

6 months after I quit that job, 10 people got laid off, and the company already knew they would need to lay people off...for, you guessed it, 6 months. So they were absolutely trying to lay the groundwork for my dismissal because I had one of the higher salaries. Hence the gaslighting and questioning after stellar performance reviews and a huge raise at the beginning of the year. Everyone talking about me behind my back, trying and failing to blame me for things, driving me insane, was not imagined after all. Crazy shit!

Anyway, I did really well and learned a lot at the next job but I just didnít like it very much. The commute was too long, the physical labor was too much, too many chemicals and too much physical risk. Quitting was like a break up, the owner was apparently hoping to hand the business over to me eventually which was news to me...ya gotta tell someone these things. I was put in supervisory positions and site lead when I didnít really deserve it (others had seniority).

I got offered a job at a competitor to the first place I quit, after a panel interview. They said they were looking at other candidates and theyíd decide in a couple weeks, but the owner called me at 7 pm the same day to offer a position. I started 3 weeks before the shutdown, it was stressful to say the least. No PTO, still on probation, not even officially an employee, yikes. But they kept me on after things were allowed open, waived probation, put me on the books, put me on the healthcare plan. And so far no ones been a dick to me!

The world might be explode again in 6 months, but Iím ok for now.

P.s. there should be universal healthcare! Why the fuck do I have to change plans four times just to maintain my coverage while I decide what workplace is best for me? Itís stupid. Why did my new boss basically have to be a father to all his employees through this and have everybody relying on him to take care of them financially? Heís just a businessman, I donít think most business people go into business to be caretakers of the people they employee. America is ridiculous!

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