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try to have some good ones 3:24 mins i like when kid starts solo

i had one recurring dream where my army friends and i had found this natural jacuzzi like water hole.. on a hill at night and i had to backflip right into it and i'd instantly be on the other side with light and a profound feeling of elated well being... it's been soooo long since i had it but... i love when im having a dream, become conscious for an instant before going right back into the same dream. anyway can you really control your dreams? i think so. i mean what is fate? having dominos fall makes it all seem known.. knowing what is going to happen.. it's all simply a sequence of events played out in a very complex way... you choose what can happen but even that is based on a sequence of events cause and effect.. that simply plays out... why and what for i don't know. i used to though i think right?? but who knows..

R.I.P. Robin Williams

ps. why i am - dmb

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