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Default Re: So.. who are you remixers anyway?

Guy Incognito was just a name i used when i logged on here. I didnt think i'd still be posting on here.
I've messed about with makin tunes for a long time. I've messed about with cd decks and akai samplers before and never really got anywhere.
Since getting fruityloops and ACID and joining here - startin to make a few sounds that actually sound like they do in my head!
Done three mixes of b boy stuff as well as some of my own stuff (which is a bit more housey), as well as load of mash ups usin instrumentals and acapellas. I use this board to help get tips and advice and constructive criticism in the hope i will get a lot better
Have started to use the name SITUATION but its only a name. Most people call me Moz.
I will have a web page soon - i have an address of my own which i upload my stuff on to but not sorted out the page yet.
I know Joakizmo said one mix but .. my best remix is probably the situation mix of Open Letter to NYC which is at the bottom of my signature and my best mash up is probably De La v Beastie Boys which i only did this week.

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give it time, we will go in wonderous directions. mainly calling people cunts. Incognito

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