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Default Re: Gluten free for a year

Originally Posted by Dorothy Wood View Post

ok that's it. I recommend it if your guts seem weird and you can't figure out why or if your respiratory allergies are driving you insane. It really worked for me and my mom too, and some other people I know who are very nice.

My gut is weird but it's because I have gallstones. I'm going to have to have my gall bladder out soon (it should have happened already actually) but in the meantime I have to be really careful with my diet, very minimal fats, almost no red meat, no cheese, nuts, etc. To top it off, I had a major flare up in Jan/Feb and had to do two courses of intravenous antibiotics and that fucked my gut flora up real good, so I'm avoiding sugar, bready stuff and beer. So basically it's lots of rice and veggies, fish and chicken. Which I know is good and all the sort of thing to be eating anyway, but honest to god there are moments when I would murder someone for a big ass cheeseburger and a pile of chips. Ah well. People do keep telling me "wow, you look great, have you been losing weight?" and all of my jeans are too loose now so that's nice I guess, but I dunno, like I said, I really want a cheeseburger. And a beer.

Good on you though DW, if you're feeling good and looking good, then it's all good
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