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take some time out just to celebrate
a dope dope man (with) his mic, (bass) and a record crate...
pay my respects, (i'm sure) you can all relate...
Oscilloscope's live... and still awesome to date

an old school icon ahead of his time...
always coming true showing us the divine/ make ya see if ya blind
thanks to him (we'll find) the right rhythm and rhyme
what things stand for, heart, soul and mind

he made sense so well
climbed to the top then he rang the bell
so so much that he wanted to tell
he/ we can rest in peace, his thoughts were from heaven, not hell

what else can i say during this spell
Beasties are second to none, yeah you know this well
(thanks for the inspiration, it's guided us well)

Hornblower did it
and he saw that it was good
kept true to the spirit
esp in the hood

train a Tibetan Olympian
take the gold home
shed light on the issues
ish you can't condone

being good is jsut being smart
if you think it's right, it must be good at heart

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