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Default Re: BBC Sounds TR808

Originally Posted by Jiberish View Post
D'oh! Bummer.

A buddy just mailed me his TR-707, which isn't quite the same, I know. I've never seen one of the TR's in real life before. I was blown away by how chintzy it is. The motherfuckin' thing feels like an oversized calculator. Sound awesome though.
That's funny man, I had a 707 for a while too. Around '90 maybe? I bought it thinking it would be like an 808. It has a bunch of those classic sounds, but you can't get the super low deep bass like on the 808. I didn't use it that much.

I also tried making beats with a Kawai R-50 I think it was. It was okay I guess, but at that stage what you really needed was a sampler. Eventually I saved enough to get a used Ensoniq ASR-10, which is great. I still have it.

The 707 would be cool for adding some old style drum machine sounds to a song. Although there are lots of sample libraries available now that would probably have the same sounds, or very similar. The 808 is the special one, because of the way you can get those super low synthesized analog kicks. There are sample libraries that copy it, but many people will say that it is never really the same, like with a Moog synth, or Rhodes keyboard or whatever.
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