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Default Re: BBC Sounds TR808

Originally Posted by brooklyndust View Post

On a side note, what's everyones thoughts on Pocket Operators? I have the Rhythm, Sub and the KO. I find for a hobbyist like myself they're tons of fun to mess around with.
I bought the straight drum machine a while back. I really dug the sounds. I liked the way you could add fx live, but I didn't love the way you program on it, or how small it was as a piece of equipment. I ended up selling it for only 5 bucks less than I bought it for, and used the money to buy a line 6dl4 pedal. But that turned out to be faulty and even though I've brought it to the shop to have it fixed twice it doesn't actually work and that's a huge bummer.

that's what I think of the pocket operators. haha. I'm actually thinking of buying one again, because I really did dig the sound of the drums.

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