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Default Re: Favourite Beastie Boys Lyrics

Originally Posted by kleptomaniac
right on steve!

they should start performing song for the man live again...

i think my fav id rhyme the rhyme well, i think cause im hoked on them so its hard...

Well I'm Mike D with a story to tell
And when I rock the crowd the crowd we all yell
And when I get the feeling I feel the feel swell
'Cause when I start to rhyme well I rhyme the rhyme well

Went to the top and never went pop and
Came back down but still not stopping
I'm not even asking, "Yo what's cracking?"
Serving MC's on a platter like baked Alaskan
So start packing because I'm back in
The game of hiphop reprenting Manhattan

Now push the pause button then start ducking
Shhhhh you heard me like I'm E.F. Hutton,
Hutton shhhhhhhh, Hutton shhh, Hutton shhhhhhh,

(I go by the name of the king Adrock)...(we are all equal)... assessment like those ones...make me apreciaty their work.. i love beastie boys and the way the rhyme!

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