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Default Re: Favourite Beastie Boys Lyrics

"I'm a writer, a poet, a genius, I know it, I don't buy cheeba, I grow it"-Car Theif

"All the wife beaters and all the tax cheaters sitting in the white house pulling their peters"-Car Theif

"Gotta do it like this like chauchy and jonie, cause she's the cheese and I'm the macaroni"-Get it Together

"Lookin' down the barrel of a gun, son of a gun, son of a bitch, gettin' paid, gettin' rich"-Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

"Rapid fire louie like Rambo got bullets, I'm a die-harder like my kid Bruce Willis"-Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

"I pulled out the jammy, he thought it was a joke, the trigger; I pulled, his face; the yolk"-Egg Man

"Now we be gettin' stupid in the area, causin' all kinds of hysteria, my beats is sick like malaria, but don't worry I'll take care of ya"-3 MC's and 1 DJ
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