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Default Re: Favourite Beastie Boys Lyrics

Grabbed the beat
Looped it up
Saw my check
Scooped it up
Rock ignition
Got to listen
Change position
Start transmission
Point the camera
Click the frame
Use a high ASA
I Like the grain
Flip the script
Start to trip
Grabbed my hip
Did the dip
Rent a car
Go upstate
Hit the waterfall
Jump in a lake
Step in the place
Move the crowd
Cut the snake
Walked right out

Another day slips by
Got to fix the mind
I've got the mind maligned
With I mean mine
Got to turn it around
Got to give back
Because this self-centered thing is keeping me off track

Take the 1 train
Ride the Double L
Go to Brooklyn
Rock well
Jump the gun
Call your bluff
Break the mold
A diamond in the rough
Ran the floor
Grabbed a rock
Spot it up
Shot the shot
Go pet Sam
Said, "get off me"
Check the machine
"Adam this is Coffee"
Brace myself
Trace myself
Pace myself
Lace myself
Check the mirror
Start to melt
Jump back
Kiss myself

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