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Default Re: TMZ : "YAUCH DEAD"

here's a little bit to add to the beastie's lore...

saw this as a comment on TMZ (of all places) just now:

Originally Posted by Chris Casady

I am sad. Adam gave me a great opportunity with Sharach and it was one of the highlights of my career, I've always been proud of it and remembered those 8 weeks fondly, Unlike so many commercials I worked on, this was fine art. Adam was the sole source of this idea for an animated music video. His father had been a "frustrated painter" he said and it seemed to me at the time that Adam was doing this as a bit of a tribute to his father. Of the 3 guys Adam was the one who came by the studio periodically to see how the paintings were coming, the other two seemed to have little interest. Adam had loved the work of painter LeRoy Neiman and brought in a big "coffee table book" of his paintings to inspire us. That was all Adam's doing. I must give him full credit for bringing us a cool art project to work on. I will remember him fondly and today I am sad.
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