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Default Re: TMZ : "YAUCH DEAD"

Just woke up to this.

Thoughts and love go out to his family, Mike and Adam, the rest of the band and their friends and loved ones, and to all the other brothers and sisters all over the world who are fans and will be feeling this.

No single force has been more central to my life than this band. Adam in particular taught me about how we can grow and learn on life's journey, and also about the real value of music, as a means of connecting people and teaching us about ourselves.

He was not only ultra-talented, but he was a visionary, he was hilarious, he had the deepest (deepest)bag of ideas and brought concepts to life like no other.

As a person, his humanitarianism and compassion provided lessons which I only hope to emulate.

One of the dumbest and proudest moments in my life was exchanging messages with MCA on this very messageboard, with another user who is dear to me. Just two fans, bouncing messages around with one of their idols. The three of us were joking about Axl Rose. Adam told us that he invited Axl over, and that he was playing mumbledepeg at his house.

This music has been central to my life since I was a child. It will continue to live on. Love to the BBMB, sorry to those I was a dick to.

RIP Adam Yauch. Too sad.

Shout at the Devil!

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