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Default Questlove and the "Hold It, Now Hit It" mystery single?

I've heard Questlove (of The Roots) tell the story a number of times about how when he was growing up in Philly, the Hold It Now Hit It single was circulating in all the clubs and was blowing up, but due to an error by Def Jam on the labelling, the a-side (with the regular "album" cut) actually had the acepella version, so everyone in the Philly hip-hop scene though that Hold It Now Hit It was a strictly vocal rap song. It wasn't until Licensed to Ill dropped that people heard the drum machine and samples and thought "what the hell is this?"

I'm by no means the most knowledgeable collector out there, but I've never seen any evidence that this mispressed single existed - has anyone ever come across a copy? Beastiemania has nothing about it and i've never found one for sale anywhere. Just curious if Questlove might be mistaken or if there really is some as-of-yet-uncatalogued mispress out there.
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