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Default Racism according to Abbott.

Racism according to Abbott.

First off, lets agree that Abbott is me and that shit is fucked up and I got nothing to lose.

Now, when I was 4 years old, I remember going to church with my grandfather. He was a detective in Arkansas. Just like his Father before him. I was always told about their great detective work and how my great grandfather was even famous. Comic book hero, on the box of cereal boxes and lots of other trophies. Anyways, my earliest memories of me in Arkansas with my grand dad was at church when they said….. Jim, you did not tell us your grand son was a nigger. He said well … the mom and dad are white, he’s my grandson…. They let me go to bible study after a brief argument, but I had no idea what a nigger was.

Anyway…. Longview Texas. Our football coach had a kid that could only hang out with the black kids, but he was always hugging me and hanging around me….. but I am white???? All the other teammates told me I needed to lose my summer tan …. My ass was white, but my other skin was dark.

Then, New Mexico, my dad made us move all the time. In New Mexico, MR. Star, my principal told me … you’ll get your ass kicked for being white so get ready…. But I blended in simply fine.

But when I moved back with my blond headed wife … shit she got fucked with all the time… then later my kids … shit. They were not dark enough.

Anyway, I am just getting started. I have 1000 better points to make but here are a few racist rants to get it started, and I’m saving the best for later…..

So I like to say I am a native American, because I was born in the USA and I like to say I have natural hair, because its natural. However, both statements are very raciest according to some.

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