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Default Re: Lots of rare items for sale

I am a natural collector but my compulsion has been limited by lack of space where Iíve lived. My books and records take a larger portion of my living space than they should but thereís still a limit (thankfully i guess). My favorite beastie stuff will always have pride of place. And there will always be evidence of my beastie past in my office even when it doesnít fit in.

I travelled to my beasties shows before I had a camera phone and I was stubborn about not wanting to travel with a camera, maybe because my dad spent all our holidays behind a camera? Iím not talking about filming during shows, Iím still mostly opposed to that, But now I wish I had some photos of random things that surrounded my trips. Glad I have a good memory. Iím so thankful for beastie fans I met who passed the time w me in lines and helped me out w tickets etc. Thereís another band Iíve followed around the US here and there and itís great but different. Of course Iím even older now so thereís that.
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