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Default Re: BBC Sounds TR808

Originally Posted by Jiberish View Post
I think the one thing you can't really get w/ the sample libraries is the swing and the way you can move the tempo while it is playing. Especially if you're running it through some pedals. But yeah, an 808 or 707 or 909 sound in a drum machine or sample pack is pretty close. It's just nice to be tactile with the machine, as chintzy as it is.

The same buddy who sent me the 707 told me not to waste my money on the behringer 808 clone. He works in a studio in NYC, so he getd to try out a lot of toys when they become available.. I think it's probably somewhere in the middle. I bet it feels really nice to use it, because its hands on, AND it doesn't sound exactly right, AND that probably doesn't matter in the end. But maybe it does? I dunno. He called it "an app in an expensive box"
It still might be worth checking out. Really what these things come down to is do you like the sounds they make, and will you like to make something with them? I don't always know until I try it (or watch a video). Plus, $350 is pretty low cost compared to a real one.

For software, I don't know all the different ones, but I remember I used something called Nepheton, which did a pretty convincing 808 style kick.
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