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Default Re: tempos (bpm's)

Tempo's I have so far:

paul revere: 91.2
so watcha want: 85.4
alive: 100.9
shake your rump: 103
intergalactic: 105.9
root down: 100
sure shot: 97.9
pass the mic 83.9
spam: 89.1
IAWGM: 99.8
limerick file: 102
hold it now: 98.5
3 the hard way: 93
open letter to nyc: 93.7
time to build: 95
hey fuck you: 96
oh word: 98
rhyme the rhyme well: 100
right right now now: 101
ch-check it out: 115
all lifestyles: 117
we got the: 122
triple trouble 110
hey ladies 102

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