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Default Re: What's this all about?

alas, nobody is perfect but one has to move in the right direction and when one strays from the path, it is vital to acknowledge it to ones self and redouble ones efforts to stick to the road. 'some stick to the road some stray from the path. some do the knowledge, some do the math'

testical support is important. but one can go overboard with it. my right testical droops lower than my left one, and the wrong combination of slacks and boxer briefs can have disasterous consequences.

I wish you the best of luck camotoe as we all advance through this life. harrassing emotionally disturbed individuals, regardless of the percieved offense, is stooping low. Tho it is not my place to harrass back. As long as we acknowledge our short comings and learn from our misteps we grow. relax the jaw. and don't forget to cup the balls.

may we all continue a concious development of our words and deeds. and protect our testes. but not overly so.

"What is pleasing to the eye. In the delusion of my sight. Is not what I find when I reach into the light. I have lost my mind. I'm walking though time. Deluded as the next guy. Pretending and hoping to find. That distant peace of mind."

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