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Unhappy Re: I wish we could still use this forum to ask for advice

Aww, work environments can always be difficult. I think it's nearly impossible to find one where there's no drama, it's like something inherent to it- in a large group of people there's many similarities but also differences. and I also think it's about how one handles it, and essentially, learns to handle it because experience with this kind of crap can help you a lot. I'm sure whichever job you're in right now it might be better in part because you've learned how to handle certain difficulties, and if not, make sure to remember your past experiences because many patterns repeat: jealousy, gossip, gaslighting, bitchiness, two-facing and the list goes on and on! But these things are always going to exist. It's about how one matures and finds ways to deal with them better.
I would also say that self-reflecting helps a lot as well. You mentioned you like to say what you think and be straight with your opinions about improvements for the company. Getting your points across is also about communication skills and part of that is fine tuning the way you say things and making sure it's assertive and respectful to others.
All in all, sometimes it can be difficult but reminding yourself about your abilities and trying to care less about what others think is helpful as well. environments

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