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Default Words From The Genius

Big up to my man GZA (one of the best MC's to ever touch the mic) for saying what needs to be said.

Originally Posted by Lo_Lyfe
yo i fukked a girl wit hooves mayne the other night. like no fingers an toes.
Originally Posted by mickill View Post
bear rape.
Have Faith

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Default Re: Words From The Genius

GZA kind of sucks now. He just sounds repetitive as all hell. It would have been one thing if he was in his Liquid Swords prime to say this but hes damn near 40 and hasnt made an album worth two shits in 10 years.


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Default Re: Words From The Genius

He's got a better sense of humor than I would have guessed.

But yeah, I have to remind myself that Soulja Boy's basically an infant whenever I find myself wishing that horrible things happen to him. Stuff like bear rape. That kinda thing.


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