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Default i love poetry......


You elegantly persuaded me into your arms, with beautiful eyes and taunting words.
You elegantly placed me in another world. Sheerbliss was the planet name.
Alien skin of yellow and pink, blocking every tunnel with new found light.
You convinced me of you infallible care. I fell. I believed.
I gave something to you unintentionally.
The present brings us to something new. You with her. You.. did not do.
Did not do as in your actions. Not as in my standards.
Your actions leave you hollow.
Your words you happened to completely not follow.
I gave myself to you the day before you ďdestroyed a world.Ē
I mocked her when she used these terms.
Maybe ours was not a world. Maybe it was a rainbow? Yet, still beautiful and important in itís own self-dignified way.
You destroyed it. You ruined it. Itís gone.
You went back to something that filtered out all joy and had only desperation left. She desperate for you; you desperate to be her only.
Mmmm how beautiful broken love can be.. Too bad it had to break me.
Now Iíve ďmoved onĒ, while you lay in her arms. Of your happiness I do not know, only the outside I see, only a show.
May it be real? Quite possibly. Is it you? Iíll never know.
I could ask, but thatís only unnecessary pain, when you may leave it be unknown, leave the question to remain.
Iím happy with someone else, I guess.
Youíre the worst. You were my best.
You turned me into something else. Left me destroyed, once again.
You left me feeling worthless.
Here I am with someone new.. Yet here my words describe you.
Itís the pain that lasts a lifetime. Not the joy.
The pain that forever leaves the mark as freedomís toy.
Goodbye now. I hope you feel it too.
I love you. Donít tell.
It was too soon.
yeah idk my friend linked me to this.

nothin wrong wit my leg jusss bGRL limpinn

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