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Default THE SOUNDS OF SCIENCE : The Music of The Beastie Boys : Mixed by ME !!

Not a remix I know, so if it has to be deleted so be it, but if not.....


I've been meaning to do this mix for a while and started to put it together last year but when Adam Yauch passed away it didn't feel right, didn't want it to look like I was jumping on the bandwagon. Wanted to get it out in time for what would've been his 49th birthday on the 5th of August but unfortunately time was against me, but nonetheless this is my tribute to MCA and of course the other two Beasties the King Ad-Rock and M I K E to the D you go to see him and pay a fee.

It was hard to try and limit myself to the material I'd use but I had to have a cut off at some point to stop myself going insane trying to break down the tracklist. So I went for the era that meant the most to me personally, from 86 to 98 ( Licensed to Ill through Hello Nasty ) . Even then I've still missed some stuff off I would've liked to include, but these are "some" of my favourite B-Boys tunes.

So without foither ado, please enjoy 100 minutes of Hip Hop, Funk and Hardcore Punk. (Hey)Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The Beastie Boys...




Sounds of Science Intro
The Biz Vs. The Nuge
The Maestro
Remote Control
The Skills to Pay the Bills
Sure Shot
The Negotiation Limerick File
Flute Loop
Hey Ladies!
Get It Together ft Q-Tip
Finger Lickin' Good ( Government Cheese mix )
Finger Lickin' Good
Jimmy James
Root Down
Shake Your Rump
Super Disco Breakin'
So What'cha Want ( Soul Assassin Remix ft B-Real )
Do It
Putting Shame In Your Game
Beastie Boys
Brand New
Time For Livin'
Soba Violence
Heart Attack Man
Deal With It
Tough Guy
I Want Some
Mullet Head
Lighten Up
Groove Holmes
Futterman's Rule
Sneakin' Out The Hospital
Something's Got To Give
Instant Death

Please feel free to share, like, tweet, tumblr or whatever else it is the cool kids do these, it would greatly appreciated

Thanks for listening


you can make it if you try

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