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Default Lee Perry died


I started listening to Lee Perry because of Beastie Boys references and collabs. Saw him live a couple of times. What a legend. Rest in peace.
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Default Re: Lee Perry died



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Default Re: Lee Perry died

Love and respect to the king of the 4 tracks that takes you to France with his voodoo dance...

Latin lingo baby funky bilingual funky bilingual
Yeah, funky bilingual
Latin lingo baby funky bilingual funky bilingual
It's the latin lingo!

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Default Re: Lee Perry died

that raw rasta dub ganja bud put me in love message you with my dove chewin some cud 'my name is mud'...!
really love his kind of laid back but up beat music!!! he was one true professional party pioneer!!!
ps. back on the mothership 'one nation under a groove'


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