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Default religion for dummies

Not to be crazy religious guy but so many ppl can't interpret what's written and not that i know it all, but i'll write about what i do know...
Jesus did not die so you could sin, as so many tend to want to think.
He died because He was murdered.. which is a sin.
If He lived, it would have been peace on earth and good will towards men.
However, we went straight into the dark ages.
The cross is a satanic symbol.
Oh and it was not Jesus who came out 3 days later. It was satan controlling the flesh. Jesus's spirit went up 'and the heavens were rent..".. which was witnessed and written.
Each side has a god of war, but God is really about love and peace.
Jesus will not be returning to war for anyone.
Hitler's Christianized army was backed by the vatican.. go figure.
If christians don't have someone to war with, they'll fight amongst themselves. The lords prayer is a prayer to satan, not God.. God does not tempt, nor can He be tempted.. as the prayer goes.. think about it. Oh and it's interesting to watch amenstop productions.. and what amen really means.. of course as long as you mean well when saying it... it's about holiness of spirit.. that's how we become closer to God in his image.
just some thoughts about shit.

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