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Default 3 things

I know I never come around here enough for anyone to care about my life and that's okay because I am only here to say 3 things I'm really excited about but am not allowed to tell anyone and I just have to tell people.

I got married ! in secret. We eloped, I guess? We did it for practical reasons and it was fun. Ha! We'll announce it next year and have an actual reception-party thing to make it public. We just don't want a wedding now. I know! I'm so old for anyone to even care but I'm silly. I've never been married, I would like to have a party or reception but I don't want to do it now.

Also, my baby brother is having a baby with his gf and it's too early to really tell people but I'm THRILLED becuase I love him and he's just so funny and wacky and I think he'll be a great dad. I'm meeting his GF tonight for the first time at dinner with my parents -who she's never met! yikes! Well, it wasn't planned at all but I hope it's all going to be good. My first niece/nephew!!

Also, finally, the least of the big of deals, I'm going to be Quorra from Tron Legacy for halloween and my spouse is going to be Sam Flynn. We're making the costumes from black leather-like utility fabric, underarmour cloth, and electroluminescent wire. They're awesome costumes but we might not finish them in time for halloween and if they're not up to standards we're going as Harry Potter or something.

I am too old for this stuff, right? I keep questioning my maturity. Who cares, though! I'm excited, and busting with secrets.

Don't tell anyone!!

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my heart was made of diarrhea

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Default Re: 3 things

Well I'm very sporadic on here, nowhere near your almost 10,000 posts, and I'm glad things are good for you, congrats on the wedding and your other news

"my name is MCA and I still do what I please"

"For the rest of my lifetimes and even beyond, I vow to do my best to do no harm"

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Default Re: 3 things

Happy times! Congrats on getting married who cares that you didn't do it the 'typical' way most people do, life is about doing things the way you want. My brother and I are very close and he was the first in our fam to have a child. This was 7 yrs ago and he had a little girl whom I have a very special bond with and always will. Very exciting, congrats!
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Default Re: 3 things

Congrats Nuzz, on everything. Well except the costumes. Tron Legacy? Really?

And seriously, you know that I love you, truly I do, but are you off of your meds?

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No one really leaves - it's like the Hotel California.
Originally Posted by Dorothy Wood View Post
I eat tacos like it's my job.

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Default Re: 3 things

Congrats, girlfren! All of that is super fun exciting news. WEDDING STUFF IS AWESOME (or at least it can be), and of course so are babies, and your costumes are going to be crazy awesome. Glad you and your dude are doing well.

p.s. join offbeatbride.com with me and crystal omg

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Default Re: 3 things

Did you marry the vulcan? or the boyfriend? I'm sorry if that is insensitive.

congratulations to you and yours.

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So wait, this guy is driving around in his jeep with his cat and his television in the back and he's got his favourite music blaring away and... I think I've missed the point.

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Default Re: 3 things

Originally Posted by Dorothy Wood View Post
Did you marry the vulcan? or the boyfriend? I'm sorry if that is insensitive.

congratulations to you and yours.
i think we were all wondering

ps congratulations
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Default Re: 3 things

Exciting times for you, Nuzz...

You may say you're old and that no one cares about this stuff, but have you looked around? Except for a few randoms that keep creeping up and don't let go, this place is full of aging dorks... the same people you have told secrets to in the past...

No one really leaves - it's like the Hotel California.

So, it's great to hear this news and read about all of the roads everyone takes around here.

P.S. being an auntie is awesome - the best - you get all of the love without the 24/7 stress...

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Default Re: 3 things

It was one of my best friends weddings other week and it annoyed (for lack of a better word) me slightly. It was all "in the eyes of god we gather... blah blah blah" and I know he and his wife are not religious in anyway and I didn't know who they did that for - maybe parents. Anyway, I would of been a bit less cynical if I as invited to an admin procedure than a wedding. What I'm saying is that you did it for the right reasons. May your marriage live long and prosper.

I think Tron Legacy costumes will be cool. And grats on becoming an auntie soon.

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The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.

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Default Re: 3 things

congratulations on getting married!

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I've never been nor do I ever want to go to a party where dude takes his shirt off.
Originally Posted by DipDipDive View Post
I'm known to compliment a nice beard and I definitely have boobs and a vagina.

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Default Re: 3 things


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