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Default 3 things

I know I never come around here enough for anyone to care about my life and that's okay because I am only here to say 3 things I'm really excited about but am not allowed to tell anyone and I just have to tell people.

I got married ! in secret. We eloped, I guess? We did it for practical reasons and it was fun. Ha! We'll announce it next year and have an actual reception-party thing to make it public. We just don't want a wedding now. I know! I'm so old for anyone to even care but I'm silly. I've never been married, I would like to have a party or reception but I don't want to do it now.

Also, my baby brother is having a baby with his gf and it's too early to really tell people but I'm THRILLED becuase I love him and he's just so funny and wacky and I think he'll be a great dad. I'm meeting his GF tonight for the first time at dinner with my parents -who she's never met! yikes! Well, it wasn't planned at all but I hope it's all going to be good. My first niece/nephew!!

Also, finally, the least of the big of deals, I'm going to be Quorra from Tron Legacy for halloween and my spouse is going to be Sam Flynn. We're making the costumes from black leather-like utility fabric, underarmour cloth, and electroluminescent wire. They're awesome costumes but we might not finish them in time for halloween and if they're not up to standards we're going as Harry Potter or something.

I am too old for this stuff, right? I keep questioning my maturity. Who cares, though! I'm excited, and busting with secrets.

Don't tell anyone!!

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